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My mom has a brain injury

My mom has a brain injury


Brain Injury Awareness, I'm thankful for my mom and dad for caring for me and also my little brother whose 14, we've become closer since the accident.

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Memoir: I was the ultimate mom, until a traumatic brain injury threatened to ruin everything

My mom had a brain injury and needs help

Amazon.com: Supporting my mom we will win TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY t-shirt: Clothing

Brain Injury – My Son's Story & New Changes

My Mom had a cardiac arrest with a hypoxic brain injury! She's not “waking up” and the doctors want to pull the plug! Help! (PART1)

Brain Injury Awareness Month | The Momiverse

I'm 24 and live with my mom everyone thinks I'm a loser. But she has a brain injury ...

This is in Honor of my mom who has tramatic Brain injury Brain Injury Recovery,

The Single Mom Podcast - Episode #55 - My son's traumatic brain injury and the

Mom before her traumatic brain injury. She is holding my baby in 2008.

My mother was lucky that she didn't have to relearn how to walk or talk. Though, like some of my clients at the brain injury center, she did experience some ...

What I've Learned Since Becoming My Son's Caregiver After His Traumatic Brain Injury

Tree Falls On Toddler Who Suffers Severe Brain Injury. Mom Is Left Devasted

A Mother and Health Coach's Journey: Healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury with Radical Self-Care

Brain Injury – My Son's Story & New Changes …

Brain damage

Mandy Knowles has revealed how a brain injury caused her husband Matt (pictured here with

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The Single Mom Podcast

Many of my broken parts will heal with scars, but I now know they are fixable.

strongest person I have ever known. My mom, my hero. Loved

Are Old Head Injuries Fogging Your Brain?

brain injury

Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Suffering From Brain Injuries, and Then Announces Her New Charity, SameYou. "

Nothing like a "T.B.I. Mom" ! Very protective of our kiddos, no matter how old they are!!


My Grandpa had MS for many years. My Mom was only about 10 years old

Changes in Taste, Smell, and Hormones After Brain Injury

Brain Hemorrhage, Brain Aneurysm, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Games, Brain Health,

I spent most of high school and all of college trying to figure out where I fit in. This was a thing in high school, because, you know, high school.

I've always been interested in health. My mom was a master herbalist (she passed away in March 2017). I learned how to meditate when I was 5 years old, ...

Kira suffered a brain injury as a toddler and her mother has worked tirelessly to make

I lost my mom to complications from surgery to remove her brain tumor! Please beware of bloodclots after surgery !


this song so reminds me of my mother... especially after her brain injury and she had difficulty remembering who we were. Miss you so much.

My Miracle calls me Mom - 7/8 inch purse charm, Brain Injury, stainless steel charm, BI, Green ribbon, Miracle, key ring, key chain, TBI

Benefits of Breastmilk for the Baby/Child with Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury- my mom-no filter

Bloggers on Brain Injury · HouseHold 6: The Civilian Life - I'm the wife of a combat veteran

My Mother is Trapped

In Loving Memory of My Mom - Green Ribbon Case


No brain injury is stopping my mom from from being so BEAUTIFUL.pic.twitter.com/wZ2vqMf3Xi

Aruna Setty

I have updated the funding goal accordingly. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! It means so much to me. I know my mom ...

Playing music for my beautiful mother

Update On My Mom – God's Whispers of Truth Brain Injury, My Mom

Courageous Marie Greer has released shocking images of her daughter Stacey, 30, lying motionless

“I am a Mom whose daughter had a traumatic brain injury her senior year at Coe College … that is where my journey begins with traumatic brain injury and I ...

... How to prevent brain injury in children. These tips will help your family learn about

"My perspective throughout my recovery has been that this situation is only temporary, and I knew with ...

Funny thing is that just over 6 years ago my mom fell from a ladder while getting boxes down from the attic and cut her forehead and the back of her head ...

I called my husband at work and told him he needed to meet me at Albany Medical Center. He sent his mom and his sister to watch the kids.


Tamsyn and Alex with their children, from left, Monty, Esmie, Mitzi and

On Saturday, August 23, 2014 my mom dropped me off at the baseball field where my friend Brian was waiting. We planned a friendly home run contest.

Patients, family members, and Nexus staff share their experience with brain injury.

Cailyn Helfrich

“I am a Mother and Care Giver of My Child” Psycho-social needs Looking after Children with Traumatic Brain Injury

Stories that touch and engage you


Traumatic Brain Injury Case for Help Patty Wise has reached 53% of its goal. Thanks to everyone who has donated & shared for my Mother-In-Law!

Acute ...

PSY-OPS Team Member Anthony Norris Serving in The Middle East

In 2014, our son Brayden (BB) had an accident that resulted with a Traumatic Brain Injury and ...



After my brain injury, my aunt, a nurse practitioner who recently started her own practice in functional medicine in Houston (www.houstonbioidentical.com), ...

Diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, Keene child faces long recovery

Humboldt Broncos bus crash survivor Layne Matechuk speaks with his father Kevin at their home in

I recently did when I saw a company that employs people with brain injuries. This company touched my heart as I have several friends who are care takers of ...

Brian Greenwald

Casehistory: Alison (Head Injury) by U A Fanthorpe

We've made the drive a hundred times before, but this time was different. I was going home to be with my Mom. To say goodbye to my Mom.

Concussion In Babies


serving active duty soldiers. Voiceover: This bookstore in the heart of Charlottesville s retail

Broken Butterfly My Daughters Struggle with Brain Injury - video dailymotion

Texas Woman Wakes From Surgery With British Accent

Tripp Halstead dies at age 7; Georgia boy suffered severe brain injury after being struck by a falling limb

When I first relocated to Detroit, it had been just six months since my mother suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. I found myself in a new city, ...

... Denise who told her story as mother of Chris who sustained a brain injury at age 24 whilst in Australia #inspirationalpic.twitter.com/nLEiuqLIWv

barry chin/globe staffKaya Alexander, 29, with mother Victoria DeCoteau, wants to

A Battle for My Life

After 15-year struggle with a traumatic brain injury, Winston-Salem woman who fell off roof as a child dies

Life After My Traumatic Brain Injury Will Never Be The Same Again, But I'

Paige Ferguson (left) with son Colton Linton

"My girl has had two lives, the one before brain surgery and the one after."

You know the person with the brain injury better than anyone else, so let your voice be heard even if you disagree with medical professional. My mom ...

It was just the most out of control, horrendous thing that's ever happened in my

Autistic boy crosses brain injury Mother: my wish to live one day longer for you

'His personality changed': Michael Hutchence's sister on his traumatic brain injury